Friday, February 13, 2009

Buy yourself a present for my birthday!

In exactly one week's time it's my birthday (and of course it's valentine's day tomorrow) - so I'm celebrating by launching my online shop. I mentioned it in my last news post, but I have now uploaded lots of new images, and there is a shiny new variety of products available, and see - there is now a link in my left-hand menu! Check out the highlights on my store page! Why not buy yourself something fun to celebrate?

I have also finally gotten around to putting a proper cast page together, so you can tell who's who - I'll be adding more as I go along. There are quite a few friends that I have yet to cartoon, but it will happen eventually!

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Day!

Today was apparently the worst snowfall in London for 20 years, and they cancelled all of the buses, so I've spent the day stuck indoors unable to go to work (oh no!). On the other hand it was a great opportunity for some geeking, so I've taken advantage, and I've got shiny new treats for you!

New domain name(s)! - You can now link to me with either or - they both redirect right back to the same place ( but it's a little shorter to type, and lots easier to remember.

Merchandise! - I now have a CafePress shop, which you can find here: I'm still playing around with the set-up, so at the moment everything has the same image on it, but there are shiny Chaosbunny things available to buy already! If you have any requests for a specific item with a different image on it, let me know at

Cute little icon - Last, but not least, I've been pestered by one particular person into making a favicon for Jim and Tonic - if you're using a proper browser, like Firefox or Opera then you should see a little bunny icon with a pink background (looks a bit like this:) but apparently Explorer refuses to play nicely. Never again must you suffer from a basic bookmark icon... unless you're an Explorer fan, that is.

Will you stop nagging me now, Mister Tim?

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